There were joint winners when it came to this year's Fundraiser of the Year category at the Community Stars Awards.

The title was awarded to Nicola Wheeler and Emon Choudhury.

Nicola Wheeler

Nicola said: “Such an honour and a wonderful surprise to be chosen as joint winner of the community stars awards. A lovely evening spent with some fabulous people who do some great things. They are certainly an inspiration.

"Here’s to another year of fun fundraising for the Hematology and Oncology Day Ward at Airedale hospital to support them for the amazing work they do.”

In the last two years Nicola has raised more than £10,000 for Airedale Hospital.

Her nominator said: “Nicola has been a fantastic advocate, support and fundraiser for AHCC’s haematology and oncology fund over the last few years.”

Emon Choudhury

Emon Choudhury, known to millions after appearing in the hit BBC series Race Across the World, has raised more than £100,000 for charity.

He said he was overjoyed to receive the award - but also surprised as the third finalist, Jeffrey Long MBE, is an “exceptional” person.

“I actually looked him up before the event and I was stunned by all the stuff he’s done. He is absolutely amazing,” he said.

“I was just so happy to be nominated and happy to go to the awards ceremony. I was really surprised to be joint winner.”

Emon’s fundraising focuses on the local community and local charities and he said it was amazing to have his efforts recognised by peers, friends and neighbours.

In September Emon accompanied RAF veteran Bill Cooksey as he became the oldest person to complete the Great North Run - at the age of 102.

“He is the oldest person to ever do half a marathon,” he said.

“So Bill said to me ‘I want to do London - I know you’ve got contacts so can you make something happen?’ I said ‘I’ll do my best’. 

“I went away and actually got a place for London with him.”

Emon and Bill were planning to take part in the event together. Second World War veteran Bill had already raised a lot of money for the NHS and wanted to raise more in London.

“I phoned him and said I’ve got a place - and he was over the moon about it,” Emon said.

“He contacted the Guinness Book of Records because he would have been the oldest person to complete a marathon as well.

“A few weeks later I got a call from his daughter saying he had passed away. That was heart breaking it really was, he was such a lovely, lovely guy.”

Now Emon is planning to go ahead with competing in the race to raise funds for the NHS.

“I spoke to Bill’s family and I’m going to run the London Marathon in his honour. I will leave the medal that I get given on his grave.

“This marathon is more of a personal one because I know how much it meant to Bill.”

Community Stars Awards winners

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