A woman who is always encouraging others and spreading positive energy is among 2023's Bradford's Community Stars Awards winners.

Humera Khan set up the group Happy Healthy You to offer services including fitness classes, mental health support and better start projects.

She is now the proud holder of 2023's Shared Values in Action Award.

After winning the award she said: “I am totally blown away and I thank the service users who have put me forward, to be honest I thank them more, as this work brings so much meaning to my own life. 

“Thank you to the most passionate and best HHU team I could ever ask for, our brilliant partners, the judges on the panel and those who organised such a special night for us all! I also have the best family and friends and I am so grateful to God!"

She added: “Indi Elcock from the Anchor Project and Compton Street Residents (nominated in this category) are very much winners too. The work they are doing is unbelievable - thank you for giving so much to others. Congratulations to everyone nominated and winners - incredible and inspiring people.”

When she was nominated Humera said: “My initial reaction was complete shock and still is, to be quite honest. I feel completely blown away that people have put me forward through my work at Happy Healthy You and I am even more grateful that the work we do is impacting people.

"I feel very blessed that I have the most passionate team and I find so much joy working with our community partners, who also share that passion and only by working together, we achieve these things. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you to each and every one who has been involved in this journey and the beautiful service users, who make it so worthwhile.”

The person who nominated Humera described her as “super hard working, dedicated, passionate, enthusiastic, always encouraging others to make a change within themselves and spreading positive energy”.

She said Humera and the group Happy Healthy You were involved in a number of activities to help people of all ages - including fitness classes, mental health support, healthy eating, and better start projects.

She praised the work they had done during the pandemic providing free virtual fitness sessions.

She added: “A huge thank you to everyone at Happy Healthy You, especially Humera. I have been with them for over three years now, I have joined their face to face and virtual classes. I don’t know where to start as to how they have benefited me both mentally and physically.”

Happy Healthy You (Bradford and beyond) is a community interest company, based at Manningham Mills, Bradford.

Community Stars Awards winners

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