An 82-year-old woman who is "always thinking of others" has been celebrated at this year's Community Stars Awards.

It is part of Margaret Malik's daily routine to help other people and rescue animals in need.

Now her incredible energy and concern for others have earned her the title of Good Neighbour of the Year.

Her nominator described her as “so dedicated and always thinking of others".

She said: “At 82 she walks everywhere rain or shine, works with Care Dynamics Yorkshire caring for the vulnerable and cleaning, in between working she looks after her grandchildren, runs a launderette, manages her tenancies, shops for others, saves animals and takes in stray cats, she’s like the local RSPCA. She feeds the foxes every night without fail.

She added: “She will walk in all weathers and puts on her wellingtons in the snow, wraps up and off she goes.

“A few years ago there was a police chase passing Margaret, the police car clipped Margaret sending her into a tumble, the police afterwards said she did a commando roll, stood up and said ‘carry on your chase go catch them’, even though she was injured.

"She walked herself home where the police had sent an ambulance to check on her, she rang Care Dynamics to let them know she was in hospital being checked over and said ‘but I'll be at my tea time call’.”

The company told her they would send a replacement.

The nominator said: “During Covid she opened the laundrette every single day stating it’s an essential service especially when people need clothing washed with Covid around and especially for nurse’s uniforms.”

The nominator said the launderette didn’t even close for one day.

She said Margaret also rents out a house she owns and won’t put the rent up because she says it’s going to be hard for the tenants.

The Good Neighbour of the Year award celebrates people who go above and beyond to do the neighbourly thing in their local community.

The finalists this year were Margaret Malik, Steven Fisher, of Wrose, and Kelly Keating-Robertson, of Denholme.

Kelly’s nominator said: “Kelly set up and leads the village neighbourhood watch and community police checkpoint, which she runs. She also runs the local youth cafe and has encouraged local young children to create a community orchard and garden.

"After discovering a local gentleman was struggling, she cleaned his house from top to bottom, rallied other villagers to provide essentials for him, ensured he got support from social services and helped him to claim PIP.

Steven Fisher was nominated by a neighbour, who said: “This 80 year old man goes above and beyond any other neighbour I have ever met. He is so kind, caring and compassionate and I feel privileged to know him.

“He has had two knee replacements in the past and recently another one but this does not stop him.

"He volunteers to literally do anything to help the community, delivering food parcels, sourcing furniture/goods for the disadvantaged and delivering them.”

Community Stars Awards winners

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