Jonathan Brownlee had to settle for third as Javier Gomez won his fourth World Triathlon Series on Sunday.

The Bingley Harrier, from Bramhope, finished behind Gomez in the season-closing race in Edmonton - a race won by his brother Alistair - and consequently had to take the bronze medal overall.

He had entered the day hoping to add to the crown he won in 2012 but Gomez and Mario Mola both dropped him on the run and he was unable to keep pace.

Finishing fourth on the day meant he had to take third overall as Gomez retained the title he won a year ago. With it being his fourth, he stands aside Simon Lessing as the record holder.

Alistair Brownlee finishes the series in fourth on 4006 points, with his brother narrowly ahead on 4501. Mola, a hundred better off, nabbed second, with Gomez well clear on 4860.

Jonathan Brownlee revealed he had not been at 100 per cent entering the event and admitted that proved his undoing.
"I've been pretty sick since Stockholm. In the race I just felt weak. I knew on the bike that something wasn't right. I didn't really have it on the first hill," he said.

"Fair play to Javier, he covered everything today. He's been a good world champion this year. He started well and today he fought well for it."

Jonathan's older brother, who had no chance of claiming the title for himself after an injury-hit year, attempted give his sibling a helping hand, but was unable to do so.

"I went in with a plan to try and distance Jonny from Javier if possible and give him a shot at winning the world title.

"That didn't work on the first couple of laps so then I just had a good go at it myself. I had that little break away and got very lucky," he said.

As well as gold in the Commonwealth Games, Alistair also topped the podium at the European Championships in Zurich and capped his season with victory in Sunday's grand final.

"It turned out alright. It would have been great to have been in the running for the world title but I made the most of it I think," he added.