The city is preparing for the arrival of King Charles III and the Queen Consort as their first royal visit since the Queen's passing. 

With the streets being cleaned and storefronts looking their best, there will be a lot of hard-work taking place to make sure the city can look its best. 

Plus many who are heading down to catch a glimpse of the King will no doubt be raiding their wardrobes to find the perfect outfit for the occasion. 

But there's one thing that can never be controlled and before you pick out your outfit you might want to check the day's forecast. 

So you don't get caught out by any nasty weather, we've got the full breakdown of what to expect. 

What will the weather be like when King Charles III visits Bradford?

On Tuesday you can expect mostly clear and dry skies with some sign of rain early on in the day and mid-afternoon. 

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It will be sunny with cloudy skies and see temperatures average for this time of year at mostly 12C. 

There is set to be some wind, however, with highs of 33mph during the early morning. 

You can check the full report via the Met Office.