Earlier this week it was announced by the Royal Family, that King Charles III will be taking a two-day visit to several places in Yorkshire

His Majesty is set to visit Bradford on Tuesday, November 8 before visiting York and Doncaster on November 9.

As the city awaits in anticipation for the King to make his visit, there have been a lot of questions as to what to expect and whether local amenities will stay open. 

Many are asking if shops and supermarkets will still be open as the head of state meets locals from the city. 

Will shops be open during King Charles III visit to Bradford? 

Looking at other recent royal visits made by the King and the Queen Consort, it seems that shops will remain open during the visit. 

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The King's recent visit to the city of Dunfermline in Scotland showed that shops and businesses in the centre remained open. 

And with His Majesty visiting local landmarks like the City Hall and the Morrisons HQ it seems shops should be unaffected.

However, some roads were closed to allow for the royal convoy to pass through.