Bradford district's MPs have responded with mixed emotions to Sue Gray’s long-awaited report on lockdown-breaking parties in the heart of Government.

The Gray report gave details of gatherings at which officials drank so much they were sick, sang karaoke, became involved in altercations and abused security and cleaning staff at a time when millions of people across the country were unable to see friends and family.

Boris Johnson said he takes “full responsibility” for the scandal, but defied fresh calls to resign during Prime Minister’s Questions.

But what does your MP think?

Imran Hussain (Bradford East, Labour)

Imran Hussain MP has called on Conservative MPs to condemn the Prime Minister and his Government’s actions with a vote of no confidence.

In a statement, the MP said: “Today’s report by Sue Gray is a damning indictment of Boris Johnson and his Government, and reveals the rotten culture at the heart of Downing Street, with Conservative Party staffers who felt it was ok to disrespect cleaning staff and security instead of working around the clock to help the country through one of the greatest crises that it had ever faced.

“As key workers put their lives on the line throughout the pandemic, the Prime Minister’s staff engaged in outrageous behaviour that would get any other worker in any other workplace fired on the spot, and Sue Gray’s report makes it unequivocally clear that the Prime Minister and ‘the senior leadership at the centre, both political and official, must bear responsibility for this culture’.

“Whilst the Prime Minister’s Principal Private Secretary may have joked with colleagues that they seemed ‘to have got away with’ it all, it is now up to the Conservative MPs to move a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister to make sure they have not. If not, it will be left to the public at the next general election to make their judgement.”

Philip Davies (Shipley, Conservative)

Philip Davies said his view “remains the same” despite the report’s release.

He said: “My view on this has always been consistent and remains the same: 1. The lockdown rules were utterly idiotic, which is why I voted against them throughout. 2. It is completely unacceptable for people in Government – including the Prime Minister – to have broken the rules that they had imposed on everyone else.

“My duty is to do what I consider to be in the best future interests of the country and my constituents, and any decisions I take are always based entirely on my assessment of that.

“If I submit a letter of no confidence in the Prime Minister at any point – which is a secret process – I will make my constituents aware of that in the interests of transparency.”

Judith Cummins (Bradford South, Labour)

Judith Cummins said the report had exposed issues with trust and leadership within the Government.

The MP said: “The Sue Gray report makes it clear, there is a ‘failure of leadership and judgement’ right at the top, and it’s the country that suffers. It also tells us what we’ve known for months – that there has been a culture of drinking and partying in government all through the pandemic and the Prime Minister ducked responsibility to cover his own back.

“But this isn’t just about birthday parties and alcohol, it’s about trust and leadership.

“At a time of immense difficulty with the cost-of-living crisis, the aftershocks of the pandemic, and the war in Ukraine, the public have lost faith in a dishonest Prime Minister.”

Naz Shah (Bradford West, Labour)

Naz Shah spoke in Parliament today and told the Prime Minister about the emotional pressure faced by the city’s hospital workers at the height of Covid restrictions.

Ms Shah began her question by recalling one of Mr Johnson's previous statements: "I briefly attended such gatherings to thank them for their service which I believe is one of the essential duties of leadership".

The MP continued: "He wouldn't know leadership if it hit him in the face from where my constituents stand and I'll tell him why.

"Because there's doctors who gave their lives, their families weren't allowed to attend their funerals, the trust that I work with had to make decisions of leadership to separate people from not being able to see their dying relatives.

"I was on the phone to somebody whilst they died begging me to let them see them.

"That's what leadership is, those were difficult decisions they had to make - when nurses couldn't go home and had to book into hotels so they didn't spread infections. If he had an ounce of leadership he'd resign, so why doesn't he?

Responding to her question, Boris Johnson said: "I refer her to what I've already said."

Robbie Moore (Ilkley and Keighley, Conservative)

Robbie Moore described the report as "infuriating", but didn't say whether his anger would lead to a vote of no confidence.

The MP said: “Some of the stories mentioned in the report are infuriating, and it is astonishing that these events were happening so regularly. 

My anger on this has not dropped and I share the disappointment of every one of my constituents who feel the same way.”