From debates to votes, new analysis shows how different Bradford's MPs compare when it comes to parliamentary matters.

Bradford district is represented by five MPs in total: Naz Shah (Bradford West, Labour), Judith Cummins (Bradford South, Labour), Imran Hussain (Bradford East, Labour), Philip Davies (Shipley, Conservative) and Robbie Moore (Keighley, Conservative).

As MPs return to the House of Commons following the Easter recess, here's a look at different MPs' contributions to parliamentary matters. 

The data is broken down by how many times the MP has voted, how many debates the MP has taken part in and how many parliamentary questions the MP has asked since the last general election.

How do Bradford's MPs compare?

The figures, published by the House of Commons Library (HoC), reflect the activities of MPs between the state opening of Parliament on December 16, 2019 and March 7, 2022.

How many times Bradford MPs have voted (shown via participation rate)

Of the 491 votes over this time, Philip Davies recorded 340 ayes or noes.

Naz Shah recorded 350 ayes or noes while her Labour colleagues Imran Hussain recorded 369 ayes or noes and Judith Cummins recorded 362 ayes or noes.

Robbie Moore has the highest number of votes at 455 ayes or noes. 

It means Keighley and Ilkley's MP has the highest participation rate (93 per cent), followed by Imran Hussain (75 per cent) and Judith Cummins (74 per cent).

Naz Shah has a participation rate of 71 per cent while Philip Davies has the lowest with 69 per cent.

In the same time period, the average for all UK politicians who have sat in the House of Commons since the election (excluding the Speakers) is 81 per cent.

But it is worth noting that there may be some reasons for the varying rates. 

The HoC Library said MPs may not vote because they are carrying out other work related to their parliamentary, government or opposition roles.

Participation rates may also be affected by ‘pairing arrangements’, whereby MPs from different parties who cannot attend a division agree to cancel out one another’s vote.

Before divisions, debates are held for Members to discuss government policy, new laws and topical issues of the day to help the House reach an informed decision.

How many debates have Bradford MPs taken part in?

When it comes to debates during this time period, the average MP has spoken 44,530 words.

These include spoken contributions and oral questions in the House of Commons chamber and in Westminster Hall, but not those shorter than four words.

Mr Davies has taken part in 55 debates while his Conservative colleague Mr Moore has taken part in 174 debates.

Ms Cummins has taken part in 87 debates, Ms Shah contributed to 90 debates and Mr Hussain was involved in 53 debates.

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Parliamentary Questions by Bradford MPs

Parliamentary Questions are those put formally to a government minister about a matter they are responsible for, to seek information or to press for action from the Government.

The MP for Shipley has asked the highest amount of Parliamentary Questions (605), followed by MPs for Bradford South (174) and Bradford East (169).

Ms Shah has posed 125 Parliamentary Questions while Robbie Moore has asked the lowest number of Parliamentary Questions (76).