Boris Johnson brushed off a Bradford MP's emotional question with just eight words during Prime Minister's Questions.

Naz Shah (Bradford West MP, Labour) told the Prime Minister about the reality of lockdowns and Covid restrictions at Bradford's hospital trust.

The Prime Minister was interrogated by MPs on the Sue Gray report throughout this week's session.

Ms Shah began her question by recalling one of Mr Johnson's previous statements: "I briefly attended such gatherings to thank them for their service which I believe is one of the essential duties of leadership".

The MP continued: "He wouldn't know leadership if it hit him in the face from where my constituents stand and I'll tell him why.

"Because there's doctors who gave their lives, their families weren't allowed to attend their funerals, the trust that I work with had to make decisions of leadership to separate people from not being able to see their dying relatives.

"I was on the phone to somebody whilst they died begging me to let them see them.

"That's what leadership is, those were difficult decisions they had to make - when nurses couldn't go home and had to book into hotels so they didn't spread infections. If he had an ounce of leadership he'd resign, so why doesn't he?

Responding to her question, Boris Johnson said: "I refer her to what I've already said."

Ms Shah was not the only MP to describe traumatic correspondence and calls with constituents during the Covid lockdowns.

One member told Parliament about a constituent who was unable to get treatment for a wart, which later turned out to be cancer. Other politicians shared personal reflections on being unable to say goodbye to dying relatives or attend their funerals.