Summer is a time of festivals, carnivals and galas, when people of all ages gather to have fun.

Such events - usually held at sports grounds, community centres or schools - offer an opportunity for neighbours to come together and get to know each other. Charming, typically British occasions, they usually begin with a procession, followed simple activities such as fancy dress competitions, pony rides, races and many stalls such as coconut shies and tombolas.

This selection of photographs were taken in the 1990s at locations across Bradford, and show youngsters having a great time.

Dressing up is part of the package, and many imaginative outfits are made by children taking part. Face painting is also common, with youngsters choosing designs including butterflies, ladybirds, tigers and lions.

Girlington Parade sees youngsters setting off along Kensington Street, waving streamers. They are wearing masks they have made in class - a pig, a frog and smiley face are visible among the procession, which appears to have a police escort.

Children from the former Wapping First School in Wapping Road, are carrying brightly-painted, home-made banners. On one the date is clearly visible - 1993. The city is clearly visible in the background, through what looks like a hot summer heat haze.

Another picture of Wapping First School procession shows the children making their way along the road, many wearing paper hats. Teachers and parents can be seen walking alongside the parade. It is unclear whether the photograph was taken the same year.

Youngsters are pictured at Lower Grange Festival in Allerton, having a great time on a bouncy castle - still a key ingredient at most outdoor events. Nowadays, many carnivals now have giant bouncy slides for older children and adults.

At Canterbury Estate a group of grinning children gather round a mime artist wearing a mask. The event has been organised to mark the opening of a temporary building - visible in the background – to house a toddler group.

National costume takes pride of place at Denholme Gala, as members of Halifax and Bradford Polish Youth gather for a photocall.

The girls are wearing lacy skirts, white blouses, beaded waistcoats and bonnets, while the boys have plain or embroidered waistcoats. Both sexes wear ties made out of ribbon tied in a bow and some of the girls have flowers in their hair. The ages range from infants to teenagers, who are standing at the back. It looks to be a lovely sunny day.

At Shelf Gala, young schoolchildren have been given lollipops from a jar - the teacher can be seen behind them holding it. They all seem very happy, sucking away on the sweets. Maybe they were given out to keep them quiet!

Some of the boys are holding seaside buckets, so there may have been a sandpit for the youngsters to play in. Bizarrely, some of the children are wearing sunglasses, although it does not look like a very nice day.

Many galas and carnivals include races, for adults and children, from a 100 metre sprint to egg and spoon racer, sack races and - most fun of all - three-legged races. Many adults taking part in the races have not run for many years and enjoy the experience.

There is always plenty of food at carnivals and galas - candy floss, toffee apples, ice cream. And prizes galore, from coconuts to wine, cakes and toys.

Organisers watch the weather for days beforehand, as rain can dampen the occasion, leading to many activities having to be cancelled. In the UK you never know how things will turn out - those involved no doubt heave a sigh of relief if it stays dry all day.