A dispute has broken out between Bradford Bulls’ boss Omar Khan and the administrators of the former crisis-torn outfit.

It left the new owner delaying making his final £25,000 payment for the club because he believes he is out of pocket.

The Telegraph & Argus can exclusively reveal a report published by administrators The P&A Partnership claims the restaurant owner was being pursued by solicitors after failing to pay the money due on November 30.

The progress report for creditors, dated January 28, also says the new company owes £15,200 for expenses incurred by the administrators for the club’s home game against Hull FC the day after Mr Khan (pictured) bought the club on August 31.

But the OK Bulls boss last night said he paid the £25,000 bill for the club last week – part of his £150,000 bid – after initially delaying the payment because he believed the administrators owed him money for expenses incurred before his tenure began which he paid.

He and club honorary chairman Gerry Sutcliffe are due to meet the administrators on Monday to discuss the remainder of the money owed and say they hope to come to a resolution.

Asked about the reason for the two-month delay in the £25,000 payment, former Sports Minister Mr Sutcliffe said it was “because of the argument that has been going on since then over who owes who what”.

He added: “The £150,000 for the club has now been paid.

“There are issues around the August wages that we paid, even though we didn’t take over the club until September.

“There are also issues around money for a brewing company at the Hull FC game, which they are saying we should have to pay.”

Joint administrator Brendan Guilfoyle confirmed the £25,000 had been paid since the report had been written.

The report, which has been filed with Companies’ House, states the £25,000 owed was covered by a “personal guarantee” from Mr Khan, adding: “We are actively seeking payment of the outstanding sales consideration, which was due no later than November 30, 2012, and our solicitors have been instructed to pursue these monies.

“OK Bulls also undertook to reimburse the joint administrators for expenses they had pain in advance relating to a fixture which took place after the completion of the sale. These were outlined in the sale agreement and amounted to £8,296 payable within seven days of the sale.”

It also revealed Mr Khan will pay an additional £100,000 for the club if it retains its Super League status during the 2014-15 season and that the insolvency firm has invoiced for £288,631 of work since Bradford Bulls Holdings went into administration, including £92,640 for the work of partners.

It also gives an update about the claims received so far from preferential and unsecured creditors, which it says stands at £29,674 and £1,087,569.