Francis Cummins is set to unveil his latest capture as the pieces start to fall into place for his Odsal regime.

The Bulls are confident of announcing another signing later this week to boost the feel-good factor the new coach is keen to engender.

Cummins witnessed last season how far a strong bond among the players can take a team.

Against a nightmare backdrop off the field, they still delivered some memorable results and it was only the six-point penalty for going into administration which denied the Bulls a first play-off appearance in four years.

While not expecting overnight success, Cummins believes that has set the bar which he expects to beat in his first year in charge.

“The line is what we did last year under all those scenarios and uncertainty,” he said.

“Despite all that was going off, it was a really special feeling. You played for each other and it wasn’t about how much money someone’s on.

“We couldn’t have blamed the players for dropping the baton in March and April but they kept going. It was only once the club was saved that they ran out of steam.

“They had been terrific but were running on empty. But that showed what can be achieved.

“There are very few examples you can think of where things have happened immediately. It will be a long process.

“I spent all my career at Leeds and it all started to take off after 15 years of hard slog. Wigan was similar, they went down and down and it took them five years to come back.

“We are having to build the club back up but I’m sure the players will buy into that.”

Meanwhile, Luke Gale will have another scan this week on his injured ankle once the swelling has been allowed to subside.