Nahki Wells continues to fill the rumours section of every national newspaper but the search goes on for another just like him.

David Baldwin flew out to Florida yesterday for the annual NCAA football conference, rubbing shoulders with 10,000 US coaches to discuss the potential future talent from America and the Caribbean.

City’s director of operations is there in his role in charge of the RIASA university programme – but very much with the Bantams in mind. The club get first pick of any players that come through their system.

Baldwin said: “It’s the main source of networking and recruitment for the RIASA programme.

"The connections we are making now are for September and next year. I have various meetings set up with academies that have got 16 to 18-year-olds in. We are a potential outlet for them as an education centre in the UK and also a shop window for Bradford City.

“We’ve already got 57 players in the programme now, of which three have dual nationality. Two of them are showing really promising signs to be introduced to the club. They are probably about 18 months behind what Nahki was when he first arrived in the UK under the RIASA programme.

“But the likes of John Hendrie and Mark Ellis are deconstructing some of their bad habits first and then working with them because you want to present them at the right time for the club.”