The league tables show that Buttershaw White Star, West Bowling and Sandy Lane are at the top of the Bradford Sunday Alliance League's  Premier Division.

But how are these clubs doing in the league's other competition - for sportsmanship.

Every division has a champion team at the end of the season in the Sporting Award League, and the club with the best overall mark at the end of the campaign wins a brand new kit for the following season.

The marks are compiled from referees' reports after every game, with each whistler marking the two clubs he has refereed by awarding marks for good behaviour.

At the moment, with the season halfway through, the top teams in the Premier Division are two teams at the wrong end of the table as far as results are concerned, with Dudley Hill Athletic leading the way with an average of 9.5 from Wyke Wanderers (9.3).

The highest placed club in the actual league table, newly-promoted Stanningley Albion, have an average of nine, while the division's big two, West Bowling and Buttershaw White Star, both have a creditable mark of 8.6.

The lowest-rated team in the top flight are Mill Lane with a paltry 4.5.

In the First Division, the top average recorded is 9.2 by Buttershaw Celtic, closely followed by Cuedos Rangers A and White Eagles.

The bottom team in the division are Allerton, but even they have a creditable 7.25 average per match.

Dog and Gun lead the way in Division 1A with a score of nine, but Pudsey Amateurs bring down the divisional average by coming in bottom with a lowly five.

In Division 1B, Wrose Albion are struggling with results but are top of the league for sportsmanship with a mark of 8.6, alongside Alexander, one of the high-fliers.

Once again the divisional average is spoiled by a team only coming in with 4.5, this time the culprits being Swaine Green.

 In contrast, the team with the best mark in the league at the moment are Pudsey United, who have yet to drop a mark, registering a perfect ten in Division 2A.

However, both Shoulder of Mutton and Bankfoot Lions are breathing down their necks with scores of nine.

Other divisional leaders are AFC Titans and Buttershaw Rangers in Division 2B, with averages of 9.5, closely followed by Heaton Athletic (9.3), while Jubo Dhol BCAB lead Division 3A with an average of 9, Bradford Vale B heading Division 3B with an average of 9.3.

* All clubs are reminded that the league are hoping to form a under-21 division from the start of next season, playing on Sunday mornings.

This venture is an initiative by the Football Association, who are hoping to make the transition between the end of junior football player and the start of senior football easier.

It will also hopefully alleviate the shortage of open-age clubs.

Does your club have a team with players aged from 18 to 21 who are looking to progress towards open-age football next season (2014-15)?

Matches will be played either on grass pitches or 3G pitches at sports centres, depending on the cost.

If you are interested, please contact Brian Goodall on 01943-831586 or e-mail

Clubs are reminded that there is no meeting this month and that the next meeting will be on Tuesday, February 4 at Leicester Street Community Centre (8.15pm).

Meanwhile, women's football is progressing at a fast rate, and next season there will be a Second Division for Super League clubs, playing in the summer.