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Full-time: Bradford Bulls 10 Warrington Wolves 46

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Ross Heppenstall, Bradford Bulls Reporter

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nosher 5:53pm Sun 8 Jun 14

I thought we put plenty of effort in today. The score massively flattered Warrington. The crowd was poor. Marc green was on the terrace for a while geeing the fans up, thought that was good. How Blyth got mom I will never know. Pitts was our best player.

Score: -6
axelf1963 2:43pm Sun 8 Jun 14

Warrington by 24

Score: 1
nosher 2:58pm Sun 8 Jun 14

Bulls by 10 coyb.

Score: -4
southernbull 4:09pm Sun 8 Jun 14

How this team can call themselves a professional Rugby team is beyond me!!
Basic errors non stop, cannot blame the coach for that but what you can blame the coaching staff for is the complete lack of ideas when going forward, how anyone is going to make metres forward when not running onto the ball is just daft...no ideas at all and we arent going to trouble anybody until we get the basics right

Score: 11
Hullbull 4:56pm Sun 8 Jun 14

Have to say the bulls are making a hard afternoon harder with the lack of cohesion and go forward but Bentham is a disgrace. some of the descisions are very poor. This man has a longstanding dislike for the bulls and he should not be allowed to ref a bulls match. The Bulls are struggling without this clown making it harder.

Score: 1
tinytoonster 5:21pm Sun 8 Jun 14

coach of the year cummins! lol.

Score: 5
Thee Voice of Reason 5:47pm Sun 8 Jun 14

Basis stuff seems to hard for this team. Mistake after mistake. Luckily Wire were making silly mistakes too otherwise it would have been 50 plus.
Leigh this weekend look far more a super league side than Bradford, London and Wakefield have been this year.
Why not relegate all 3 and give them a crack, they won't do any worse.

Score: 0
fedupwiththeBS 5:38pm Sun 8 Jun 14

why do we not run from dummy half?

see we have resorted to using the season ticket sales to mask the low attendance; never 5000 there this afternoon.

Score: 4
blue marlin 5:50pm Sun 8 Jun 14

fedupwiththeBS wrote…

why do we not run from dummy half?

see we have resorted to using the season ticket sales to mask the low attendance; never 5000 there this afternoon.

M guess was about 4500 an a good jod warrngton bought as any as they did.

Score: 9
Solomon Grundy 6:05pm Sun 8 Jun 14

Errors ridiculous but a solid effort in many ways. The simple fact is we are light in the front row and have no stand off and against a side like warrington that means you get beat easily.

Score: 7
spanglishbull.uk 6:09pm Sun 8 Jun 14

Cas v Leeds final.That Warrington side will not beat Leeds.Cas.will be comfortable against Widnes.Once again showed lack of size,pace and skill today.We must have the slowest half back pairing in S.L.Listening to Marc Green before the game,I am convinced he is in for the long haul and it will take time but he will rebuild the Bulls.

Score: 1
NG1972 6:16pm Sun 8 Jun 14

Errors galore once again no aggression no pace apart from like George's try. When r u going to realise Cummings addy is not a stand off and gaskell is no Fb. Also I noticed we accommodated walker at prop again. Not good enough I'm afraid to say if kafausi goes back we r down cause manese is to nice sidlow is the same. Also pints has been a major signing for us so he will be missed to.

Score: 7
Pablo 7:16pm Sun 8 Jun 14

As Spanglish says, we must have the slowest halfback pairing in Super League, matched by a lack of pace and skill throughout the squad. Man for man we were second best all over the pitch. Effort alone is not enough.

We all know why we are where we are, but it still makes it damned difficult to watch. I don't know about next season, but it looks like we're watching Championship Rugby already.

Score: 8
Easy going 8:28pm Sun 8 Jun 14

Got to agree with the comments above. Had chance to decorate the back bedroom ,but decided to come to watch the Bulls. Wrong decision. Why do we not move up at the play the ball? Two steps forward and wait for the attacking side to come to you..Thus 15 metres back. And how can the support clap the side off at the end. Seems i was watching a different game!!!!!!

Score: 1
Leagueman 8:46pm Sun 8 Jun 14

End of the road I'm afraid, if that's the best we can do in a cup tie against underperforming opposition then we need to call it a day. I have stayed positive for the most part this season in spite of a lot of negativity on field, but today's shambles can not be forgiven as we had a decent team out just no interest or desire. The mistakes and penalties were down to poor play not hard luck. The Bulls have absolutely nothing to play for except staying up if we get some points back, otherwise the interest and so called professionalism will fly out of the window. As someone said Leigh looked a division better than us not beneath us. We badly need a transfusion of interest either some new blood as we keep saying or I'm sad to say a new coach to lift the players and fans.

Score: 7
caledonia15 9:02pm Sun 8 Jun 14

Its very hard at the moment to watch the team i love, i will be totally honest and say l didn't (and could not) go today to Odsal, l watched the game on TV - i could see what was going to happen and wasn't surprised at the end result. It showed to me several; issues, our defense is terrible, i don't know just who is supposed to be the defense coach, but they want showing the door,, we cant go on playing Addy at half back, the lad trys his hardest, but against the speed and guile of warringtons halfs we were totally pedestrian and totally predictable, and our front row is just not fiery enough, sidlow and manse have gone backwords this season.
The standard of the officials in RL is dire, Warrington deserved their victory but 2 or 3 of trys came off clear forward passes, just why we have linesman l don't know, they see nothing, complete waste of time.
It looks to me like a long hard few years before we get back to where Bradford Bulls should be, i thank god we didn't play Leigh this weekend, i don't think on their showing at Leeds that we would have beaten them -that would have been the final straw this season, sad,sad times up at Odsal

Score: 7
bradfordbronco 12:08am Mon 9 Jun 14

Cummins has got the lads putting in plenty of effort but they just have no direction.

If we take the ball into the tackle we end up getting dominated and our player is the last to his feet. therefore we struggle making metres

If the opposition takes the that ball into the tackle they seem to get over the top of our tacklers and on their feet before our guys. Therefore we concede valuable metres

Its just basic wrestling and defensive techniques but the way we lose the ruck in both situations( attacking or defending) combined with errors is just killing us.

Every week its the same story. Its difficult enough anyway without beating ourselves as well.

Come on coaches get the basics sorted out and quickly. Two massive games coming up

Score: 7
The Fat Lady Sings 12:42am Mon 9 Jun 14

Great effort and one or two great individual performances but a distinct lack of direction and poor ruck speed, on both defence and attack. It was interesting enough for 60 minutes but then same old, same old. I have always praised Addy. He tries but that was by far his worst game. Cummins shouldn't embarrass the lad by playing him in the halves. Gale flatters to deceive and Gaskell doesn't look interested sometimes. He is too quick to drop his head. The Leeds old boys in the front row were made to look pedestrian and ineffective. Very little leadership from Diskin. And Warrington were no great shakes. Poor ball retention, at times, and litttle invention but they made easy, easy yards around the ruck. I thought the score flattered them, in the end. I sincerely hope that this game hasn't knocked the stuffing and morale out of the side because the games against Salford and the Robins are far more important in the context of things.

Score: 6
fedupwiththeBS 10:34am Mon 9 Jun 14

If Wakey beat London (I will be surprised if they don't) and we lose to Salford I fear that will be that regardless if we get any points back or not.

Chev is not a prop, Addy is not a half and I am afraid Diskin's leadership was poor today. Gale was trying too hard as he has to do it all himself and we just looked slow and out muscled.
Got to say if Chase has his head right next weekend he will run rings round our defence and we could be looking at yet another embarrassing score line.

Score: 0

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