Players in the Bradford Mutual Sunday School League have been warned to be careful if they are attempting to repeat Sachithra Senanayake's dismissal of Jos Buttler from Tuesday night's England v Sri Lanka one-day international.

Roberts, who is the league's results secretary, as well as an umpire, says: "The running out of Buttler while backing up was controversial but, in my opinion, the umpires got it wrong.

"Law 42 (fair and umfair play) states 'The bowler is permitted, BEFORE ENTERING HIS DELIVERY STRIDE to attempt to run out the non-striker.'

"Now as I see it, the bowler entered his delivery stride, stopped turned back and ran Buttler out, thus by not continuing his delivery he enticed the batsman out of his ground, which is unfair play.

"The delivery stride is defined in Tom Smith (the umpires' bible) as the last time the bowler lands his back foot before delivering the ball.

"Thus if you try this on Saturday (or any Saturday), the chances are not out will be the result."