Jamie Foster column

It feels like the whole season is resting on this weekend and there is no denying it’s a massive game.

With the points appeal hearing looming next Wednesday, it’s shaping up as a pivotal week for the club.

It is going to define the season and there has been a lot of hype about it – and quite right too.

Marc Green came out this week and publicly supported Francis Cummins as our head coach, which was good to see because he’s taken some unfair stick.

None of the events which occurred over Christmas, the club going into administration and then being docked six points, were down to Franny.

He’s still the same bloke who was saying the same things when we were on a winning streak midway through last season.

Nothing has changed here – we’re still plugging away but we’re just plugging away with the bare bones. Or at least we have been for much of the season.

Now we are getting players back and that has encouraged me that we are ready to start knocking a few teams over.

We know we have got a few things to sort out but we still believe we have got the firepower to stay up in this division.

We believe we are a better team than Wakefield – and maybe even Salford too.

The vultures were circling and a couple of our players ended up going to Wakefield, so things went against us even more so.

But I just think if we can come through this, then as players it will benefit us for the rest of our careers. It would be a massive achievement.

People in rugby league talk about Grand Finals and I’m lucky enough to have tasted those big games, but I would swap them for staying up this year in a heartbeat.

It means so much because there are people with families and their livelihoods are at stake. If you don’t have a salary coming in then you would have to look elsewhere.

I don’t want people to go through those types of problems but hopefully we can fix it up this weekend.

Let’s rock up on Sunday because we owe it to ourselves, everyone who works for the club and to the fans.

Last week’s game at Catalan was embarrassing but this is a chance to start setting the record straight.