The Tony Theobould Trophy final once again produced a close finish as unbeaten Division Three champions Laisterdyke A were on the double trail as they faced Division Four runners-up Hermits H.

Laisterdyke were giving Hermits a 162-point start but Stuart Beaumont, Fazal Hussain and Peter Holbrook soon made inroads into the deficit as they won the first four sets by 89 points.

Tim Moran and Joe Jonas stemmed the tide for Hermits in sets five and six. Moran lost by just nine points to Beaumont while Jonas went down by only six to Holbrook.

Laisterdyke regained the initiative in the next two as Hussain and Holbrook defeated Moran and Kath Manogue.

With one set to play, Jonas required 27 points against Beaumont for a Hermits victory. Beaumont was in no mood to give anything away though as he won the first three games conceding only 14 points to put Laisterdyke ahead. Jonas had to win the final game and, although he led 4-1, Beaumont allowed him only one more point as Laisterdyke triumphed by eight points.

The Burton Cup final between Highdale A and Embassy A was also expected to be close. Embassy had won two of the three league meetings and, with Richard Whiteley missing for Highdale, hopes were high in the Embassy camp.

Unfortunately for Embassy it was Highdale who delivered, as Mark Land and Peter Morgan both won two, Graham Manicon added a single, with only Jak Dabrowski on the scoresheet for Embassy.