Andrew Davies column

We can’t afford to undo all the hard work that this club have put in. By our standards, it was a very poor performance against Walsall and the fans let us know that.

The manager has built the club on an ethos of hard work and running themselves into the ground – but for some reason that wasn’t there on Tuesday.

We need to look at ourselves and make sure it doesn’t happen again. I don’t know why it’s changed but we need to put a stop to it now before it gets too late.

The manager wants a reaction as soon as possible. A lot of hard work has gone in on and off the pitch since I came here – too much to be wasted.

We have put our bodies on the line to get here and the quicker we can get the points needed to be safe the better.

It’s not a time to panic. We’re a good team with good players, we’ve got a good manager and very good supporters. But we do need to switch on and get back to doing what we do best. We certainly don’t give up.

Leyton Orient will be a tough game and everyone will expect us to get beaten. But we should have the confidence of knowing that we’ve won in the past against the odds.

On a personal note, I always expect to win when we go away. I just think that when we are firing on all cylinders, we can beat anyone – but we’ve all got to be pulling in the same direction.

It won’t work in ones or twos; that’s never come off in any football club that I’ve been at. The success of this team over the past 18 months has been built on working hard as a group.

Think back to everything that happened last season and all the massive results.

Beating the likes of Arsenal and Villa didn’t just happen because you’ve got one or two good players. It was because we had 11 players who were all willing to run themselves into the ground and outwork their opponents.