Andrew Davies column: I’ve had challenges throughout my career, whether it’s on the pitch or off it battling injuries.

I’ve never ducked a fight in my life and I won’t do that now. Bradford City are in a dogfight and it’s a challenge that I’m going to meet head on.

There are some big characters who have left, so the most important thing is that we get this team to gel as quickly as possible.

Players coming in have to buy in to the ethos of this club. We never give up.

That’s what got us to where we are today.

The players we’ve brought in have got to perform. Aaron hasn’t scored yet but when he gets off the mark, I’d like to think he will be banging them in.

When I came here on loan from Stoke, my first thought was that I’ve got to put everything on the line for this club now. The loan players we have must think the same.

You’ve got to do the best wherever you are. People are always watching you but it’s also about doing the best for yourself.

It’s a frustrating time. But from a personal view, I haven’t played for a very long time so I’m happy to get through Saturday and Tuesday games.

The goal we conceded at Carlisle was disappointing – after that I thought the back four was good.

But when the manager puts you on a man at a corner and he scores then you’ve got to take criticism for that.

So once again we went 1-0 down but that shouldn’t have been the end of it. Unfortunately I just felt the confidence dropped after that, especially in the first half.

We’ve got to be better than that. It’s only one goal – we scored two in a minute against Crewe.

In the first ten or 11 games I played in this season, even if we conceded I honestly didn’t see it being a problem. I had faith in us to come back.

But this time, it didn’t feel the same when we went behind. I thought Carlisle were poor and there for the taking.