Prospective Bulls owner Richard Lamb began conversing with supporters on Twitter earlier this week.

“Stability is the key… great club… fantastic fans,” were among the soundbites he tweeted in reply to his new Bradford-supporting followers.

The London-based businessman is scheduled to meet Rugby Football League director of licensing and standards Blake Solly and chief operating officer Ralph Rimmer in Leeds tomorrow.

Lamb has already passed the governing body’s ‘fit and proper’ test and is currently wading through the figures provided by administrator David Wilson before possibly making a bid to buy the club.

“Throughout the next few days I want to be as open as I can be with fans with regard to what the challenges are that the club face, although there are some legal restrictions placed upon me by the administrators,” said Lamb.

“The feedback from fans generally has been positive and I hope that I can build upon that initial trust as the process goes forward.”

Lamb, the chairman and co-owner of Lucid Direct – a 13-year-old business which incorporates marketing consultancy, events and was responsible for the hospitality at last year’s World Cup – believes he can make the Bulls “a successful club” again.

There appears to be substance to his desire but Lamb is not the only prospective new owner scheduled to meet the RFL hierarchy tomorrow.

A handful of other parties have made their interest known, although how much credibility or cash they have remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Bradford Bulls 2014 – the company currently running the Bulls on a temporary 28-day licence – have a deal in place to buy the club from Wilson if no better offer is put on the table within that time frame.