Matt Diskin yesterday spoke of his hope that the Bulls would not be docked points as they nervously wait to discover their fate within the next fortnight.

The Bulls’ holding company, OK Bulls Ltd, entered administration on Friday as the club came under the ownership of Bradford Bulls 2014 Ltd.

The club’s directors will meet with the RFL in the coming days as they seek to have the Bulls’ Super League licence transferred to the new company.

Chairman Mark Moore has spoken of his intention to work with creditors in order to avoid a possible points sanction.

Club captain Diskin, head coach Francis Cummins and winger Jamie Foster represented the Bulls at yesterday’s Super League launch in Manchester.

Diskin, who made his first appearance of the year during Sunday’s home defeat to Castleford, said: “Whether we get points deducted or not, there is nothing we can do about it as players.

“We’ll get on with our job and we are striving for the top eight this season.

“I think we’ve got a good enough squad – I know we didn’t show that on Sunday – but when everyone is fit then we can compete with the best of them.

"Hopefully the ownership issue has now been sorted and we can finally put some stability in place.”

RFL chief executive Nigel Wood said a decision over any possible sanction would be made within the next fortnight.

Wood explained: “I would expect Bradford’s directors to make representations over the next couple of weeks as to why the Super League licence should be transferred and why they are the best people to take the club on.

“We are all aware that the club needs as much certainty as quickly as possible.

“The position is that the club will make an application to have the ownership transferred and to have its licence transferred.

“At that point the RFL board will convene to determine the circumstances of how the change of ownership has come about and whether they are prepared to approve it.

“What will then be assessed is whether there has been a breach of the regulations over insolvency to determine whether any sanction should be imposed.

“This should be within the next fortnight. The board’s view has always been that if creditors are let down in any way, shape or form then that becomes a very tangible and obvious breach of the insolvency policy.

“If they are not let down, that supports an argument to avoid a sanction but we will wait to receive all the information we require first.”

Cummins admitted the uncertainty surrounding the Bulls’ ownership last week had affected his players during Sunday’s 66-10 loss to Castleford.

He said: “Sunday’s performance was obviously disappointing but you don’t become a bad team in two weeks.

“There was also an emotional effect with everything that is going on in the club and possible points deduction.

“The feedback I got from some of my senior pros as they stood behind those posts on Sunday was that there was nothing there emotionally in the players’ eyes.

“I can’t control that, which is the one thing I’ve learnt throughout all my time at Bradford, because these past two years have not gone smoothly.

“We can’t control what other people are going to decide and we can’t worry about that.

“What we can do is make sure we’re in a position to play on gameday and we weren’t this week.

“It has taken its toll but we need to shake it off and get ready to play Castleford again a week on Sunday.”