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FT: Sheffield United 2 Bradford City 2

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Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Photograph of the Author

Simon Parker, Chief Sports Writer

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jamiejoe 2:10pm Sat 18 Jan 14
Come on City ... A bit of team work and attacking flair would do niceley!! Hope you put on our shooting boots ...
Score: 2
jackez20591 3:31pm Sat 18 Jan 14
Reid off injured, there go most of our hopes of getting anything out of this game. Twice we lose our ONLY attacking fast player, and twice we bring Yeates on instead of Graham. Yeates doesnt fit being a left midfielder, he doesnt have pace. He needs space and time on the ball
Score: 3
albioff 3:42pm Sat 18 Jan 14
Here we go again. defence cut to shreds, same old.
Score: 2
Crags 3:46pm Sat 18 Jan 14
What is the point bringing a young starlet in on loan from villa if you are not going to play him. Come on Parky when are you going to wake up and give Thommo the boot. It's pathetic.
Score: 4
albioff 3:58pm Sat 18 Jan 14
i worry about p.p cost money to replace him yet he does not give me much confidence the way things are going
Score: -6
-HCK3R- 4:10pm Sat 18 Jan 14
Hear Parkinson already has his post match interview ready.... blaming the ref !
Score: 0
macca1969 5:13pm Sat 18 Jan 14
Still shows we have great team spirit. The form will soon turn around
Score: 4
kirkleesbantam 5:35pm Sat 18 Jan 14
A point from an average performance is a decent result still in a good position to climb the table, can't understand why he didn't give the lad from villa a chance, just listened to Steve parking on the pulse and he basically admitted that they need someone else in the team and they need to work on some things in training. Still feel we need a quality midfield player. Come on city .
Score: 0
bcfc1903 5:59pm Sat 18 Jan 14
Great show of character by the BCFC team, an excellent result!!!! The BCFC fans sounded awesome, absolutely brilliant support, well done fellas and ladies of course. 3,120 following, immense!!!! What a great result for the beast-iality boys, and Nahki scored, money in the bank, that'll do nicely lol
Score: 1
Cityman23 5:54pm Sat 18 Jan 14
From the sound of the 'Pulse' radio commentary, James Hanson was given a torrid time (Kyle Reid had to be stretchered off) and City generally didn't benefit from 50/50 decisions. Two-nil down away from home, to come back and gain a point must go down as a very good result. Yes, it's another point rather than the 'elusive win' but away from home a point is 'good.' City now need to start winning games at home and if they can do that (plus some away draws) will start to move up the table. Sounded as if Aaron McLean had a decent debut with a few half chances, but perhaps City ought to consider a short term loan for a specialist left back until Meredith is ready to return. Now we've got approx. 10 days to wait till City's next game (at home) to Preston. This is the sort of game/opponents that hopefully WILL get us that longed -for win.
Score: 0
Olivermac 7:25pm Sat 18 Jan 14
Well another game that we should have had 3points to slow out of the blocks 2.0 down great fight back but like the other comments why can't he give this starlet from Villa game time it's just the same old thing Yeats comes on and was very poor the back 4played better in the second half and a draw was a fair result not one cross from the byline in all of the 90min. New boy Aaron McLean did enough to suggest he will be an handful for the defenders can't wait for the Preston game with home crowd I can see a couple of goals from him .
Score: 6
doneBD4 10:54pm Sat 18 Jan 14
Not good enough, time after time our team come's out in the first half, half arsed, only to go behide then need and get a kick up the backside for the second to get back in the game. The same thing happened numerous times last season... it's so frustrating.
Score: 1
bcfc1903 1:59am Sun 19 Jan 14
Would surely be a good idea to get in another experienced keeper to give JM competition in the summer. Would love to see Oscar Jansson back, great keeper and great attitude. Lets get that competition for the gloves back that worked incredibly well last season.
Score: 3
notpoliticallycorrect 9:36am Sun 19 Jan 14
This site makes you laugh. People get negative marks for stating their opinion. Wait till the fat creep that is Peter300 gets on here, no doubt he will have a few pearls of wisdom even though his benefit income restricts his ability to actually attend a game. Loser.
Score: -7
bwwb 10:34am Sun 19 Jan 14
Not wanting to criticise Simon Parker's facts (2.05pm) but City have won 4 times at Sheffield United the other s being 12/03/1910, 17/09/1910 and 10/09/1934. And for those slagging off Garry Thompson - he was brilliant yesterday
Score: 3
shaun from richmond 2:23pm Sun 19 Jan 14
ONE POINT CLOSER TO SAFETY!!. Parky HAS to get a Midfield player in!...AND FAST!. Without that great start to the Season we would be ODDS ON the DROP!. GET YOUR FINGER OUT "PARKY"!!
Score: 1
Pablo 6:32pm Sun 19 Jan 14
Those posters last week, seduced by the signing of McLean, and harbouring thoughts of a play off position are living in fantasy land. Yesterdays seven minutes scoring spell served only to paper over the cracks. The statistics of one league win in the last sixteen games, and a FA cup exit into the bargain, don't lie. The cose
Score: 2
Olivermac 6:33pm Sun 19 Jan 14
bwwb wrote: Not wanting to criticise Simon Parker's facts (2.05pm) but City have won 4 times at Sheffield United the other s beingI agree it was one of his better days but he certainly is not a winger his work rate from him was great but he just does not have pace to trouble any defences I would give him a go in the middle of the park in place of Kennedy and use the lad from Villa wide that's if Parky decides not to get another midfield player on board.
Pablo 6:49pm Sun 19 Jan 14
Sorry, hadn't finished! The close season recruiting looks to have been an absolute disaster. I'm not sure what Jason Kennedy brings to the team. The more I see of Mark Yeates, the more disappointed I become. Just after coming on he jumped out of a tackle and that set the scene for what appeared to be a totally disinterested display. We're overloaded with centre backs and have no cover at full back. We loan a Premier League wing starlet and then don't play him. Premier league teams loan out youngsters so they'll get experience, no to warm the bench. PP should have either replaced Reid with Graham. Failing that Yeates should have been hauled off and the youngster given a chance.
Score: 3
Pablo 8:08pm Sun 19 Jan 14
I've just read on the City website that Steve Parkin feels that Kyel Reid's injury presents a chance for Mark Yeates. Amazed at such a view, I then looked on the admirable Width of a Post to check their thoughts on yesterday's game. I quote " but for effort and application he (Yeates) would currently be ranked amongst the lowest. Yeates was not giving 100% and I find that difficult to stomach." Some players who always give wholehearted displays on the rare opportunities they are given ( Connell and Oliver ) are being virtually pushed out the door. Stroll through a game, complain at colleagues for your own shortcomings and you become first choice sub and a recommended replacement for a start. You obviously have a different view from the dugout.
Score: 0
tyker2 7:21am Mon 20 Jan 14
strange how city were close o the 60% wage barrier: we sell one player and replace him with a more expensive one. On the basis that funds are now available get a driving midfield player in soon. This season is heading for a relegation fight and we do not want that after last season's superb efforts. The club is in a bad place at present with too many centre halves, no alternative midfield players and now no left side. In addition we get a young lad in on loan and what do we teach him? How to warm the bench? we got him in for a reason so please use him.
Score: -3

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