Quest Taekwondo sent a small team of competitors to the Nottingham Cup at the Wildcats Arena.

The tournament was run using the Dae Do Protective Scoring System, which was seen at the 2012 Olympic Games.

The electronic scoring system automatically assesses and scores kicks connecting to the body that are powerful enough, each of which score one point. Corner Judges score punches (one) and kicks to the head (three to four points).

Overall, the team from Bradford and Keighley won two gold, two silver and two bronze – an excellent medal return from 6 six competitors.

A total of 350 competitors took part from around the country.

Jacob Barnett (Baildon) and Harriet Akeroyd (Giggleswick) stood out from the crowd as they cruised to gold.

Silsden’s Natasha Burdock won silver, as did Kieran Young from Woodside.

Bingley's Oliver Thornton and Cullingworth's Hannah Priestley won bronze in their respective groups.