A marathon Bradford Mutual Sunday School League annual meeting that lasted over two-and-a-half hours contained a massive 40 rule-change proposals.

Of these, only 19 got through, and the most significant was BPR B’s proposal to limit the number of overs a bowler may bowl in a league innings to ten.

This was also proposed by David Pickles, Tony Greed and Mayfield Cricket club and was passed 28-6.

However, an earlier proposal to restrict a bowler to a maximum of 12 overs, proposed by Girlington, with a sliding scale for rain-interrupted matches, was defeated.

Deposits for objections or complaints have been increased from £20 to 50, and so has the fine for not providing refreshments.

The fine for playing an unregistered player has increased from £20 to £30 but umpires’ fees have risen from £24 to £25.

Among the proposed rule changes that failed to get through were a reduction in overs in September to 36 (from 40), leg-side wides, fines for slow over-rates, extending the tea interval to 30 minutes, players speaking only English to umpires, and giving clubs only seven days to read proposed rule changes before the annual meeting