SIR - The T&A Daily Poll (April 17) asked “Should Executive Assistants be allowed to ask questions at full Council meetings?”

This refers to the part of meetings set aside so councillors can interrogate the decision-making Executive.

The answer, to most right-thinking people, would of course be “No”.

Indeed, some of the questions asked by Labour councillor Richard Dunbar, an Executive Assistant, highlighted in the T&A, could be argued as bringing that part of the meeting into disrepute.

Those questions, and perhaps many others, have nothing whatsoever to do with interrogating the Executive, and simply waste its time.

If Labour Council leader Susan Hinchcliffe has anything about her, then she will ensure that the constitution is amended to make sure that this farce cannot continue - unless she is afraid of being subject to challenge.

The people of Bradford surely deserve nothing less.

Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon