SIR – Let’s change the subject for a moment. Instead of reading about those who want to strangle each other over Brexit, let’s ask those who use fancy words in their letters to explain what they mean and where they got them from.

I was taught at Low Moor Holy Trinity School, Woodroyd and Wyke Manor Secondary Modern.

My mum and dad brought me up to speak with a Yorkshire accent.

We in Bratfod chat, understanding wot each other’s on abaht.

Of course you can’t put this kind of spelling into letters as many wouldn’t understand, but have you thought about the way you speak? Cutting out words in a sentence - “last neet a watched telly”, in plain English “last night I watched the television”.

Have you sat darn and tried to spell the words you are saying? It’s hard. Even harder for those from ‘darn sarf’ to understand us. Us up ere who are Yorkshire born, Yorkshire bred, strong in t’arm, thick in t’head.

B Barraclough, New Works Road, Low Moor