SIR - Far from being the party that looks after the hard-working people of the UK, we are beginning to see the seeds of the future according to Mother Theresa being quietly sown.

The latest idea being drip fed to the public that ‘certain’ items should be unavailable on prescription is a sure-fire tester to see how the response looks prior to rolling out something far more sinister and will undoubtedly lead to us only having a limited amount of items available on prescription, regardless of financial status.

Next will come the jewel in the crown of the Tory agenda, when following Brexit we begin ‘The great repeal act’ which nobody should be under any illusions will mark the beginning of the stripping of employees’ rights, thus making the UK a haven for the corporations looking for the least expensive labour available along with the lowest corporation tax.

We will become a very low-tax, low-wage utopia for the super rich. And the rest of us? Watch this space!

Colin Durkin, Moffat Close, Bradford