Police are aiming to seize back around £3 million – including shares in Caribbean properties – from a restaurant boss serving a 16-year jail term for trafficking the biggest single haul of class A drugs recovered in the county.

Daniele Spinola was imprisoned in July last year after he and his accomplice, Paul Wright, were arrested with almost £3 million of heroin as they drove in convoy on Ingleby Road, Girlington, Bradford, in a black Mercedes CLK convertible and a black Audi A4.

A search of the boot of Spinola's Audi revealed five sports bags containing 120 blocks of heroin.

Yesterday Spinola’s confiscation case was fixed at Bradford Crown Court for February 14. Nicholas Worsley, for the Crown, said the Crown had come up with a figure representing Spinola’s profit from drug dealing.

Jewellery and cash had been seized from him but financial investigators were finding it difficult to free up shares in properties in the Caribbean that were tied up in a self-invested personal pension scheme.

The court was told that stakeholders had to be dead or divorced to release assets before the pension matured but HM Revenues and Customs officers were working on it.

When police raided Spinola’s extensive home, protected by electronic gates, in Urmston, Manchester, they found documents relating to a Bentley GT, Porsche Cayenne and Ferrari Modena, as well as a gold Rolex watch.

Ampthetamines with a street value of £656,000 were found in the attic of one of his Italian restaurants, II Faro, in Manchester.

Spinola and Wright were each sentenced for conspiracy to supply heroin and conspiracy to possess amphetamine with intent to supply.

Wright, 56, also jailed for 16 years, pleaded guilty. Spinola, 54, was found guilty by a jury after a trial.