There was chaos on the roads this morning after a collision on the M62 eastbound between junctions 26 and 27.

Eyewitness reports say at least two vehicles  - a box van and flatbed truck - were in a collsion in the fast lane on the motorway. Emergency services had closed all three lanes eastbound and they are not expected to re-open until at least 10am.

Traffic was snarled up to the Chair Bar roundabout by 6.45am with further queues likely.

There were no immediate reports on casualities, but all three emergency services were at the scene of the incident.

Emergency services from Cleckheaton and Odsal could not reach the scene due to the road repair crash barriers between junctions 26 and 27, which meant vehicles could not move out of their way.

But firecrews and an ambulance from Morley reached the two vans by driving up the hard shoulder on the other side of the concrete barrier.