A Yorkshire Water sister company has reduced the height of proposed wind turbines by five metres in its latest bid to replace obsolete turbines.

Kelda Water Services is expected to submit its third planning application to Craven District Council tomorrow, this time for two 75-metre structures on high ground at Chelker Reservoir, between Addingham and Draughton.

The company says it has listened to the views of local communities before drawing up its latest plans to replace four redundant 45-metre turbines, to power two nearby pumping stations.

People living near the site were expected to receive letters from KWS this morning about the planning application.

Martyn Basierak of Kelda Water Services, said: “Following a series of exhibitions and consultations, we’ve listened to local residents and other stakeholders, taken account of their feedback and developed a revised plan which we believe goes a long way to addressing concerns.

“Our proposed submission will turn the currently defunct wind turbines into much more productive and efficient ones which will deliver a plentiful and green supply of energy, as well as reducing carbon emissions.”

The latest planning application sees one of the proposed turbines moved 65 metres to the south east, away from road access and nearby properties.

Previous turbine plans for the site resulted in opposition from local residents.

Craven District Council rejected a scheme for two 125-metre high turbines in 2009, and KWS withdrew a second planning application, for three 80-metre high structures, this year.

More recently, the company held public consultations on blueprints for two 80-metre high turbines.

The company said the turbines would generate renewable energy to power the Chelker and Lobwood pumping stations, which pump water into Skipton and Wharfedale, and would help support the company’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and creating a more sustainable environment.