Heartbroken Peter Andre has called his oldest fan Ivy Bean, who is desperately poorly.

The reality show star called the critically-ill 104-year-old — who is famous for updating more than 54,000 followers on the social networking site Twitter – yesterday.

Staff at Ivy’s bedside at the Hillside Manor home in Barkerend, Bradford, where she has lived for three years, said when she heard his voice she opened her eyes and ‘gave a little smile’ for the first time in 24 hours.

Ivy met the Australian heartthrob last year at a supermarket’s ‘meet and greet’ and she starred on his television show.

But even before that meeting, Ivy had gathered a star-studded fan base on Twitter and Facebook including actor Ashton Kutcher, radio presenter Chris Evans, Callum Best and the former Prime Minister’s wife Sarah Brown.

Earlier this month Ivy was admitted to Bradford Royal Infirmary with jaundice before returning to Hillside.

Hillside manager Pat Wright said Peter Andre had called yesterday asking to speak to Ivy. She said: “We put him on loudspeaker so she could hear him better. She hadn’t opened her eyes for 24 hours before that, but she did for him and she gave a little smile even though she couldn’t say anything. She definitely knew it was him.

“He was telling her to be strong and you could tell by his voice he was trying to be strong too.”

Ivy created her first Facebook profile after hearing about a 97-year-old French woman who had a profile.

She was born and brought up in Thornton. She married soldier Harold Gipson Bean and went to work in service for Lord and Lady Guinness in Northampton. The couple went on to work as a team for other wealthy business people.