TODAY’S front page report is a further example of the gathering momentum when it comes to producing hard evidence of dangerous driving in Bradford.

Recently, we reported how the then Recorder of Bradford has asked for a dossier to be compiled to show Appeal Court judges in London the true scale of the problem on our roads.

Judge Roger Thomas QC was responding to a ruling by top judges who concluded that he had failed to show proper evidence of a problem with danger drivers in Bradford before sentencing a motorist to six months’ prison.

Perhaps the examples put forward by Keith Higgs today should be included within that dossier.

But, sadly, the ludicrous overtaking manoeuvre captured on camera in Lister Lane along with three separate red light jumping incidents, including one where a pedestrian narrowly averted being mown down, won’t come as a surprise to many citizens of this district.

However, for those who haven’t grown accustomed to this type of lawlessness, it must seem quite simply astonishing and, as such, hugely off-putting for visitors or recently-arrived residents.

The views expressed by Australian-born Mr Higgs, in which he contrasts driving standards in Bradford with those in his country of origin, provide a vivid insight into the way our district’s danger drivers are viewed in the wider world.

Evidence mounts daily of the blight that this often deadly menace is causing.