A IT worker sickened by “terrible” driving standards in Bradford has produced his own ‘video nasty’ of lawlessness at the wheel.

Keith Higgs bought a dashboard camera for his “own peace of mind”after witnessing one incident and he has now urged others to buy one so they can submit video evidence of dangerous drivers to police.

The 34-year-old, who is from Brisbane, Australia, but moved to the UK ten years ago, sent four clips in one go to the police’s Operation Steerside and the Telegraph & Argus, including a pedestrian nearly being run over by a car being driven through a red traffic light.

“Around Bradford, the driving is terrible. I don’t know what the root cause is,” said Mr Higgs, who moved to Bradford about five years ago and lives in the Bolton area of the city.

He added: “I have a partner and a young child so I bought a camera for peace of mind, so if something really bad happened, it would be caught on camera so people can be prosecuted and not just drive away.

“I want to get the awareness out there a bit more and get these people off the road. I would heavily recommend getting a dash-cam. They are not that expensive any more - I paid about £60 off Amazon - and it has been a handy investment for me.”

The clips he sent the police show three vehicles driving through red traffic lights and one speeding motorist overtaking cars in Lister Lane, Bolton.

The most damning clip shows a car nearly running a man down on Shipley Airedale Road, at the junction with Barkerend Road.

The footage shows Mr Higgs’ car stop at the red traffic lights and a man starting to cross the road. However, the pedestrian is forced to suddenly stop to evade a dark-coloured car shooting through the junction.

“I saw the look of terror on the pedestrian’s face,” said Mr Higgs. “I was shocked that someone could just run a red light like that.

“It puts their life and other lives at risk, just for the sake of trying to get through a bit of traffic.”

He added: “Every day I capture idiots on the road. There was another person that ran a red light two minutes after this video and someone else that overtook at speed on wrong side of road.

“I’m also fed up with the bad driving and decided, from now on, to record, upload and report all instances to police and the T&A.

“I can’t take this poor driving anymore and while a lot of progress has been made with fines issued and vehicles destroyed, the overall driving standard is not improving.”

Mr Higgs said he lived in Leeds before moving to Bradford, and Australia before that.

He said he thought driving standards in Leeds were a “little bit better” than in Bradford.

Mr Higgs added: “Australia has a zero tolerance law. Here you have got leeway, maybe 31 in a 30, but in Australia if you are one kilometre an hour over the speed limit, you get fined.

“It works over there. I know that everyone is very cautious over there. I am pining for Australia a little bit - driving round Bradford does that to you.”

On dash-cameras, Sgt Cameron Buchan, who leads Steerside, said: “They are very useful because they corroborate what you see and help people understand your opinion. If you are witness to something, the fact it is caught on dash-cam means it is unarguable.

“They corroborate what you are saying and probably would be the tipping point into pursuing someone more effectively, legally, for an offence.

“We can take action a lot easier and more readily with dash-cam footage. People with dash-cams are almost professional witnesses out there for us.”

Sgt Buchan said the email address set up so members of the public could send in footage of dangerous drivers received between 50 and 70 submissions, on average, every week.

“In the last couple of days we have had about 30 submissions,” said Sgt Buchan. “The setting up of the email address has been incredibly helpful.”

He added: “The footage has to be of evidential quality and has to show the offence. It has to be useful evidentially and practically.”