A DRIVER who used a bus stop and a bicycle lane to undertake a road-user while apparently racing another speeding motorist in a 30mph zone has been branded “absolutely crazy”.

Michael Hogan and his wife Dawn were driving to Yeadon for food when they were caught in the middle of a race between two cars on Harrogate Road, Eccleshill.

The drama happened as the couple made their way down the hill towards Harrogate Road’s junction with Ravenscliffe Avenue.

It was caught on Mr Hogan’s dashboard camera, which shows a silver car undertaking through a bus lane, bike lane and hatched markings, and then a dark-coloured Volkswagen Golf overtaking through hatched markings and a right-turn-only lane.

Mr Hogan, 56, said: “It was absolutely crazy and mindless. You feel terrified.

“You don’t know what is going to happen. You wonder what they are going to do.

“And that area is used as a crossing point for some people.”

He added: “We saw the silver car do a U-turn behind us. It came behind us quite fast and he just flew round the inside, undertaking us at high speed.

“Then a car overtook us on the other side. They were racing.

“We were doing 30mph and they flew past us. They must have been doing 50 to 55mph.”

Mr Hogan said he backed tougher laws for dangerous drivers, but said more funding was needed to be able to effectively police the roads.

“Driving round here is terrible,” he said. “That is why we bought the dash-cams. It happens daily.

“I only travel three to four miles to work and I see it daily.

“I don’t think anything has improved. Nothing deters certain people, and even when the law changes they have to be able to police it.”

Meanwhile, West Yorkshire Police’s crackdown on dangerous drivers in Bradford district, Operation Steerside, has caught its 8,000th dangerous driver.

The landmark was passed when a driver was caught not wearing a seatbelt on Wakefield Road, Bradford.

The latest weekly figures released by the police showed that 155 drivers were caught. They were: speeding, 41; not wearing a seatbelt, 73; driving without insurance, ten; using a mobile phone at the wheel, nine; other road-related offences, 22. The total number of drivers caught by Steerside officers is 8,039.