A “LUNATIC” driver caught on camera in Bradford has been slammed for playing with “people’s lives”.

A powerful white Audi car was seen, in Allerton, going on the wrong side of a traffic island around a blind corner and speeding on residential roads.

The motorist who captured the footage on his dashboard camera described the driving as “appalling and unacceptable”, and said children from a nearby madrassa would have been in the area just 15 minutes before it happened.

The Audi overtook the man’s car as they both turned right from Ley Top Lane into Greenbank Road. The Audi went on the wrong side of the road past the traffic island at the junction, before accelerating into the distance.

“The Audi turned into Greenbank Road and cut me up,” he said. “He cut me up from the wrong side of the junction which would have been for traffic coming from the opposite direction.

“I had children in my car and the driver of this car clearly had no thought of putting me or anyone else in danger. As you can also see from the clip a pedestrian walking up Greenbank Road was horrified by this absolutely dangerous piece of driving.”

The Audi is then seen speeding away along Allerton Road from the junction with Greenbank Road.

“It seems as if he deliberately waited for a car to come close to pull out at great speed,” said the motorist. “It’s quite obvious in the clip he took off at great speed. I would estimate up to about 50mph in less than five seconds. The driving was appalling and unacceptable. Young drivers like this driving a car which is a very powerful sports car are a ticking timebomb, not only risking their own lives but also lives of innocent people going about their daily routines.”

He added: “The guy who was driving this was a lunatic and he looked very young, too.”

The incident happened at about 5.50pm on Monday.

Councillor Richard Dunbar (Lab, Thornton and Allerton) said: “I think driving at such speeds in any area is absolutely unacceptable.

“What it is showing is a complete lack of regard for the safety of everyone in that area.

“We have taken a strong stance on road safety issues. If people do know who that driver was, I would ask them to come forward with information.

“Enough is enough on this. This is about community safety and is ultimately about people’s lives.”