A HEROIN addict has been jailed for four years after targeting a cash in transit security guard in a desperate daylight robbery.

Shamraze Hussain and an accomplice got away with £1,000 in coins in the attack outside Barclays Bank in Carlisle Street, Manningham, Bradford, at mid morning on July 14.

Bradford Crown Court heard that Hussain, 28, of Carlisle Terrace, Manningham, was one of two robbers who set on G4S guard Kevin Lane as he wheeled bags of cash on a trolley from the bank to his security van.

Mr Lane heard "Grab it, grab it," before he was pushed to the ground by the men who made off with a bag of coins.

Hussain had robbed an elderly woman in the street three weeks previously, tearing her gold locket from her neck, prosecutor Anthony Moore told the court.

Harban Nirwans, 75, was walking with her female friend, aged 74, when Hussain struck at the junction of Atlas Street and Whetley Hill, Bradford, on June 21.

Hussain, who was on bail at the time for stealing and selling a £700 iPhone, grabbed Mrs Nirwans' locket, pulling her over in the street. He made off with it and attempted to steal her handbag as well.

Her friend, who bravely intervened, was also knocked to the ground. Both women were deeply shaken and suffered scratches. Mrs Nirwans also had reddening to her neck where her locket, worth £200, was torn away.

Hussain, who was remanded in custody and appeared before the court on a video link to Leeds Prison, had 31 previous convictions for 52 offences. They included two robberies and an attempted robbery.

He was also sentenced for throwing a cup of water in the face of a female detention officer at the police station and possession of a small amount of drugs.

He had recently been released from an eight week prison sentence for criminal damage, but was not on licence, the court heard.

Hussain's barrister, Abigal Langford, said he was very remorseful. The elderly woman he robbed was a similar age to his own mother.

"He is ashamed of the drug addicted young man who presented himself to those women that day," Miss Langford said.

Hussain was realistic about what he had done and the lengthy jail sentence that would follow.

"He says the milk has been spilt," Miss Langford said.

They were opportunistic robberies while he was in the grip of a raging heroin addiction.

He threw the water over the detention officer while withdrawing from heroin.

Hussain had pleaded guilty to all the offences and was doing well in custody, helping other inmates and planning to take educational courses.

He was jailed for a total of four years for all the offences.