With 600,000 litres of water running through the Pool and fountains, how can such a water feature be kept clean?

The answer is, hi-tech filtration and treatment systems have been installed at City Park to maintain the standard of the water.

Keeping City Park well maintained and tidy is one of the top priorities at the Bradford Council scheme, and that includes ensuring the water quality remains as high as possible.

In total, City Park will be capable of holding more than 600,000 litres of water to supply the 4,000sq m Mirror Pool and more than 100 fountains, including 40 low-power fountains in a children’s play area.

The water will be kept clean thanks to an automatic monitoring and treatment system, filtration units and by using UV light to kill any bacteria or viruses.

It means every drop of water pumped into the Mirror Pool and out of the fountains will have been filtered, sterilised and treated immediately before it reaches the surface.

Mist which can be released into the park will be sourced direct from the mains water supply, making it as pure as drinking water, and will also pass through a micro filter.

The Mirror Pool can be drained daily and the pool surface will also be cleaned and inspected every morning.

Bradford Council has a good track record of maintaining parks to a high standard, including the successfully-regenerated Lister Park, which has won numerous awards and accolades, including being named Britain’s Best Park and gaining a Civic Trust Green Flag award.

General safety-wise, a full safety assessment including issues of pollution, child safety, water safety, vandalism prevention, fountain/ geyser safety and slips/falls has been carried out. Twenty-four hour staffing and remote surveillance will be provided. The whole park will be well lit with clear ‘sight lines’ and no dark or hidden corners.

There is a weather monitor on site which measures temperature, climate and wind speeds. This feeds into the settings for the fountains and lighting which will reflect the current conditions.

When the temperature drops near freezing the mirror pool and fountains will not be operated and in high winds the fountain heights will be limited.