A PREGNANT mum has spoken of her dismay after her car was broken into while parked in Bradford Royal Infirmary’s car park.

Aroosa Meherban, 24, of West Bowling, was at the hospital, in Duckworth Lane, for an appointment on Thursday night when the suspects struck.

Mrs Meherban has only recently passed her driving test and says the incident has left her feeling shaken.

When the mum-of-one came back from the hospital, she found a window smashed, the radio stolen and problems with locks on the car’s doors.

“I was crying all the way home,” she said.

“I don’t know how much it is going to cost me. I’m already thinking that if I have an appointment again, I’m not taking any car - I’m getting a taxi.”

She urged other people to be vigilant when leaving their car.

“Get someone to keep looking at your car. When you’re in hospital, you have other things on your mind.

“I parked there thinking it was going to be safe, near CCTV and a lamppost.

“When you think you’re paying for parking, it can still happen.”

Mrs Meherban, who is in the early stages of her second pregnancy, added: “I was told to take it easy and then as soon as I walk out, that’s happened.”

When Mrs Meherban made the upsetting discovery, she says she told the security guard what had happened.

“He just said that I would need to report it to the police and there’s a control room with the CCTV and they would take it from there,” she said.

She said if the car park is monitored by CCTV, then someone should be watching it.

A West Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “Police were called to a report a radio had been stolen from a car parked on Duckworth Lane in Bradford, after thieves forced entry through a window.

“The theft is believed to have taken place between 10pm and midnight on Thursday.”

The spokesperson said a crime was recorded and enquiries are ongoing.

A spokesperson for Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust added: “We are sorry to hear of this lady’s experience.

“The safety and security of people using our car parks is important to us and we provide security which includes regular patrols, CCTV and lighting in our car parks at Bradford Royal Infirmary and St Luke’s.

“The Trust’s car parks have achieved the standards of the Safer Parking Scheme - Park Mark and have also been granted the Safer Parking Award.

“All reports of theft are taken seriously and investigated thoroughly.

“We liaise closely with the police to ensure that our security measures are strong and regularly assessed.

“Unfortunately it is impossible to continually monitor all of the 200 CCTV cameras we have across our hospital sites, and cannot accept liability for any damage to vehicles parked in our car parks. However, we do work closely with the police and when a vehicle break-in is reported to them they can access any CCTV footage we hold which may be relevant to their investigation."