A NEW 'oxygen bar' is hoping to bring a breath of fresh air to The Broadway.

Introduced to the shopping centre by established Bradford vaping business Ace of Vapes, the bar is another new addition to the multi-million pound retail development.

But what is an oxygen bar and what does it do?

John Selby, managing director of Ace of Vapes, first came across the idea when holidaying in Las Vegas.

He said: "We got there and we were jet-lagged, so one of my friends who had previously been said 'we'll go get some oxygen'.

"I didn't have a clue what he was talking about, until we actually went into one of the shopping centres in Las Vegas.

"They have a bar area where you can sit down, you put a nasal hose on and you can breathe in flavoured oxygen.

"This oxygen is pure oxygen. The oxygen we breathe is about 25 per cent, this is 98 per cent pure oxygen.

"It helps benefit hangovers, stress, if you've got a headache or a migraine, this really helps.

"We contacted a company in America and we've arranged to bring it over to the UK."

The oxygen bar, which will run from the Ace of Vapes stall opposite JD Sports, opens on Friday and will be open during the centre hours.

It will cost £4 for 20 minutes, but there will be a saving of £10 with a block booking of 10 sessions.

Alongside the oxygen bar, there will also be pulsating pads which can be used for massages, which will be included in the price.

"I've never seen it in the UK myself, but I have heard some people say that it is seen in London, but I've never seen it in Manchester or Leeds or anywhere like that," Mr Selby said.

"The aim is bring it to Bradford and if it goes well here, hopefully we can move on with it.

"We've put it on to Facebook and everyone who has been to Vegas, San Francisco, California, have all seen it and tried it and said it's absolutely fantastic and can't wait to come and have a go.

"The reaction has been fabulous. I think a lot of people are going to be walking past and will be a bit curious as to what it is.

"I think it will be a real eye-catcher and a talking point. The centre was really keen to get it in."

Ace of Vapes was established in 2015 and has six stores across Bradford.