A health and social care watchdog has demanded immediate improvements be made at a Bingley nursing home.

The Care Quality Commission has warned Wingfield Nursing Home it is failing to protect the safety and welfare of people using the service.

The regulator has issued a formal warning to Dr Adeeb Ghoneim, registered provider of the home, which provides personal and nursing care for up to 48 people, stating that he must make urgent improvements to standards.

The warning follows an unannounced visit by inspectors to the home in Oakridge Court , Bingley, on August 14 to follow up requirements made during a previous inspection.

On the most recent inspection it was found the home was failing to ensure the right staffing levels were in place to meet the needs of people in the home.

Concerns that there were insufficient numbers of staff had been identified by CQC following their inspection in May, 2012, and the provider was asked to address these concerns. However, since this time no changes had been made to increase staffing levels.

Some people living at the home and some visiting relatives told inspectors that they felt there was a shortage of staff and complained that staff on duty were rushed.

In addition, staff raised concern with inspectors that it was not always possible to meet everyone’s needs or ensure choices were met due to a lack of staff.

Malcolm Bower-Brown, deputy director of CQC in the North, said: “The law sets out national standards that everyone who uses services should be able to expect. Providers have a duty to ensure they meet these standards.

“This warning sends a clear and public message that Dr Adeeb Ghoneim needs to address these issues as a matter of urgency or face serious consequences.

“We will return to Bingley Wingfield Nursing Home in the near future and if we find that the provider is not making the required progress we won’t hesitate to use our legal powers to ensure residents are receiving the service they are entitled to expect.”

A spokesman for Wingfield Nursing Home said: “Following the information received from the Care Quality Commission and from comments received from residents, the service has now increased staffing levels to meet the demand of service user expectations.

“The service has already written to the Care Quality Commission to inform them that the service is now fully compliant with the actions highlighted within the warning notice issued in October.”