A pub landlord whose house was damaged in a blaze that also destroyed his cherished camper van claims firefighters took too long to reach the outbreak.

Nick Hindle could only stand and watch as his VW burst into flames and was gutted and the front of his house wrecked in Sun Street, Haworth.

Mr Hindle, the landlord of the Fleece public house in Haworth, claimed it took a fire crew about 25 minutes to reach the blaze.

But today, West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service hit back, saying the first appliance was on the scene within ten minutes of the call.

Alerted by his dog, Mr Hindle fled from his home to find the camper on fire.

He was beaten back by the heat and had to watch as the fire damaged the front of his terraced house, burnt-out a neighbour’s car and damaged their property.

He is critical that a retained team from Haworth were not alerted to attend.

“I’m planning to write to the chief fire officer to complain and to ask for answers,” said Mr Hindle, who does not expect to be back in his home within eight weeks.

“I’m concerned if it had been a different time and place, say my public house or Manorlands hospice, it would have been much worse.

“I’m not blaming the crews, but if they had been here quicker the damage might not have been so severe.”

A spokesman for the fire service said the Haworth retained appliance was not available at the time.

The record showed that Keighley fire crew handled the outbreak and the first appliance arrived ten minutes after the emergency call was received at 1.32pm.

A second crew was also dispatched when it was understood a house was also involved and arrived at the scene at 1.49pm.

“When people are anxious and waiting for the appliance to arrive, it can seem much longer than it is,” he said.

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