A fighter jet used during the Cold War and restored to its former glory by a Bradford aviation enthusiast is up for sale on auction website eBay.

Chris Wilson, of Queensbury, who served as a mechanic with the RAF, is advertising the Harrier jump jet for £69,999.

His company Jet Art Aviation Ltd bought the aircraft’s frame in November 2009 and spent months turning the two-seat plane into a museum-standard display piece.

Mr Wilson said: “Most people would have scrapped it because it was so far gone but through labour of love we have put it back together. It’s a unique aircraft, we have done it to all the specifications.

“It’s the only one in the world like it and it’s the only one that will be for sale like it.”

It is the seventh aircraft to be restored by Jet Art since the company was set up in 2006. Previous projects have included a 46 ft-long Sea Harrier, which was also advertised on eBay.

Bidding for the aircraft will close on Monday, February 14.

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