A multicultural celebration is to be held outside the city centre on the same day that a rally by the English Defence League is planned for Bradford.

It was originally planned to be held in the city centre but has been moved following concerns that its presence there may increase the possibility of violence.

The peace event will now be held on Saturday, August 28, in Infirmary Fields, Manningham.

Police and Bradford Council have asked Home Secretary Theresa May to impose a ban on the planned EDL march. The decision could come as soon as today.

The Telegraph & Argus also supports the call, on the grounds that the EDL’s “anti-Islamification” stance is divisive and provocative, especially in a city such as Bradford with a high Muslim population.

A counter-protest by Unite Against Fascism is likely to take place if the EDL does descend upon Bradford in large numbers, provoking fears that there could be violent clashes. The UAF is thought to have allied itself to the multicultural celebration but organisers want it to be separate.

Jeanette Sunderland, Bradford Council’s Lib Dem leader and a member of member of the steering group organising the Manningham event, said: “Some people were suspicious of the motives of the UAF and thought that the event was being used by people who do not have the best of Bradford at heart.

“The Council and the police are going to back the event at Infirmary Fields and that will be policed by neighbourhood police with community stewards.”

She said it was not a demonstration, but an opportunity for people show their solidarity.

Bradford Together, a banner group campaigning to ban the EDL march, has previously expressed fears that extremists linking themselves to UAF may stir up trouble. The group has organised a peace vigil on Friday.

Paul Meszaros, of Bradford Together, said: “Any kind of counter-protest on the same day as the EDL come to Bradford would play right into the EDL’s hands. They want to have a provocative event in Bradford to provoke trouble.”

The ban has been supported by West Yorkshire’s Chief Constable, Sir Norman Bettison, the West Yorkshire Police Authority, Bradford Council’s Labour group and more than 10,000 people who signed a petition.

If granted, a ban would apply to a march by any protest group in the city centre but not static protests, which may still go ahead.

Mr Meszaros said: “At the moment, we are winning against the EDL’s plans – why play into their hands by holding any kind of counter-demonstration on the same day? Why just hand things back to them?”