A report which claims that Haworth is on the slide and losing its historic quality has been branded “hysterical”.

John Huxley, chairman of Haworth, Cross Roads and Stanbury Parish Council, said English Heritage had overstated the issues in its Heritage at Risk report.

The report, published last week, included Haworth for the first time. It said some shopfronts were too modern and the Bronte village was cluttered with advertising signs.

Mr Huxley said: “This is a lot of hysteria and rubbish by people who should know better.

“They must be walking around with their eyes closed. Haworth has its share of problems but it is not a dump.

“A place that can bring in 25,000 on a day can’t be dying.

“Some signage might not be appropriate but most of the shopfronts were in keeping.”

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