FOUR fire crews have turned out to a fire at a Keighley laboratory where 15,000 litres of oil was being stored.

The alarm was raised at 9.28pm yesterday at Keighley Laboratories, Croft House Works, South Street.

Crews from the town, Bingley, Silsden and Illingworth used foam to put out the fire on top of an oil bath.

Only a small area of the factory was involved said a spokesman from Keighley Fire Station.

He said: "We used the foam to make a blanket to put the fire out. When we got the call we thought the whole place was going to be on fire becaue of the amount of oil in the building but it was only a very small area involved, just on the surface of the oil bath. It was easy to extinguish."


It happened when hot metal from a furnace was dropped into the oil bath to heat the metal down.

No one was hurt.