TOP writers, activists and vloggers will visit Bradford next month for this years Women of the World Festival.

The lineup has today been announced for the 2017 festival, which aims to build on the success of last year's inaugural event and discuss some of the most sensitive issues in modern society.

Kala Sangam arts centre and Bradford Cathedral will host the festival, which runs from November 18 to 19.

The WOW festival celebrates and recognises the achievements of women and girls, and was first set up in the Southbank Centre, London in 2010. It has since spread to numerous cities across the UK, and last year it was announced that group Spirit of 2012 had provided funding for the festival to run in Bradford until 2018.

The eclectic line up for this year's festival includes Reni Eddo-Lodge, author of Why I'm No Longer Talking To White People About Race, vloggers Hannah Witton and Grace Victory, who both have hundreds of thousands of followers on Youtube, and Instagram star Harnaam Kaur, who wears a beard due to Polycystic ovaries.

Issues that will be discussed during the weekend include the housing crisis, domestic abuse and ‘honour’ as well as the selfie generation and women in politics.

Although mainly focusing on women, the festival also includes a panel featuring men discussing the role they have to play in feminism, and the events are open to anyone.

Organisers have said they aimed to have at least one person from Bradford on each of the festival's panel discussions, and there will also be several events for younger audiences.

On the Saturday the vlogging duo of Hannah Witton and Grace Victory, who regularly discuss sex and relationships on their Youtube channels, will speak on a panel called Taking on the Trolls - which looks at the backlash women in their position often face online, and their lives in front of the camera.

The Badass Women of Bradford panel will look at the many influential women who have come from the city, while Life After Abuse will look at domestic abuse.

Other panels on the day will look at modern suffragettes, trans identities, and men and gender equality.

Harnaam Kaur will be part of a panel looking at how women are defined by their hair.

Acclaimed author Reni Eddo-Lodge will talk about "eradicated" black history as well as whitewashed feminism in her panel on the Sunday.

Other panels on the day include ones on modern dating, teenagers' views of feminism, the concept of "honour" and forced marriages, body image and the working class' role in political activism.

The event will close with a dance performance of Ladylike by Ella Mesma and performer Hannah Buckley, which looks at gender stereotypes and sex.

Saliha Rubani and Laura Brooks, festival programmers said: “Each city that hosts a WOW festival ensures that it reflects the personality and unique joys and challenges of that particular place. So WOW Bradford is truly reflective of our amazing city. Not only does it shine a light on the challenges that women face, but also the beauty and power of our city - particularly the people.

"Throughout the programme, as well as showcasing amazing international women, every single panel and workshop features a woman from Bradford who is doing something to help her community. We're thrilled that the festival will fully represent our diverse and vibrant city."

Through the weekend there will also be an "algorave," dance and self defence classes, a flashmob and an after party at arts group The Brick Box's new base on Ivegate.