LATEST: Adam Patel set for TV special and UK tour

A FORMER Bradford University student ,who carved himself a path to a potentially successful career as a pharmacist, is to appear in London’s West End as a magician.

Adam Patel was settled in his work, but in between dispensing pills and potions, he hankered after a dream to appear on stage as a magician and illusionist.

That was two years ago and he has since built a reputation as one of the UK’s top street magicians, performing all over the country to people on the streets and celebrities alike.

Next year, he will embark on his first UK tour and it is due to open at the Leicester Square Theatre on March 28.

“To play in the West End is an absolute dream,” said Mr Patel, 31. “It’s one of those milestones every live performer wants to reach and I can barely believe I’ve been given the opportunity.”

The show, titled “Adam Patel: Real Magic LIVE” is a combination of magic and storytelling, seasoned with British Asian references and quirky humour. While showcasing his magic skills, he tells the story of how he became a magician.

“It’s a really original show. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. It appeals to a broad audience but I think it could be a particular treat to British Asians.

“And yes, it’s a magic show so you’d expect to be amazed, but this is not ‘just another magic show’, it’s so much more than that. It’s about adversity, about challenge and about dreams.”

Mr Patel was born in Keighley and moved to Allerton in Bradford. His parents then moved again to Dewsbury while he was still a young child.

He grew his interest in magic after being given sets as a youngster. However, a career in magic was not initially on the cards.

He explained: “Being from an Asian background, performing arts wasn’t really encouraged. My parents were happy for me to do it, but only as a hobby. Any talk of becoming a professional was met with fierce resistance.

“Of course, with an older head on my shoulders now, I know it’s because they were worried. The arts, at that time, was not a well trodden path by Asians so I can appreciate that they were worried I might not succeed. For the record, my parents are now very supportive of me.

“I returned to Bradford to study pharmacy at the university and spent five years in the city.”

He added that he is not in the Magic Circle because the way he does magic is in contravention of the rules of membership.

“In some of the things I do, I explain what I’m doing. The Magic Circle considers this exposure.

“I personally think that in a world where Google is at everybody’s fingertips, magic has to be presented differently and cannot rely on a secret that the audience is unable to find out. And I don’t think it’s any less amazing or fascinating if I tell you what’s going on some of the time.

"I’ve shot a television show that hasn’t come out yet, in which I tour the country doing magic on the streets and in a variety of locations for celebrities and the general public. I’ve also performed on the BBC.

“My magic combines sleight-of-hand, perceptual manipulation and mind-hacking. It’s a fascinating fusion of art and science. And in the stage show particularly, I’m bringing a lot more of myself to the show, so themes and topics that were deemed too niche for a television show, are included in the stage show.”

After London, the show will tour the country and is due to play at Leeds City Varieties on Saturday, April 7, 2018. Tickets are on sale now from the box office.