FOOTAGE of two “idiotic” drivers seemingly racing at well above the speed limit on a main road in and out of Bradford has been labelled “shocking” by a road safety charity.

The dashcam video, which features two cars screaming up Thornton Road, was sent to the Telegraph & Argus to reflect the type of incidents highlighted by our ‘Stop the Danger Drivers’ campaign.


Sergeant Cameron Buchan, the man responsible for leading Operation Steerside, the West Yorkshire Police crackdown on road safety across the district, said the type of manoevre captured on the film “chilled him to the bone.”

In the video, the driver who filmed the footage is heading up a 40mph section of Thornton Road towards Keelham junction.

As he is passing through a section just after a bus stop, with houses on both sides of the road, two cars overtake on the wrong side of the road in quick succession. The vehicles then pass another car before returning to the right side of the carriageway to avoid oncoming traffic.

Jason Wakeford, from Brake, said the overtaking was the kind of incident the organisation was looking to stamp out with its ‘Pace for People’ campaign, designed to reduce and enforce the speed limits in towns.

He said: “This is shocking footage. The drivers shown overtaking at high speed in a 40mph zone show a total disregard for the safety of others. We urge West Yorkshire Police to look into this evidence and bring these idiotic drivers to justice.

“One of the ways to crack down on speeding is to ensure there is comprehensive enforcement, there should be an expectation that if a driver speeds over the limit, they will get caught at some point on any given journey.”


Sergeant Buchan said: “This kind of incident chills me to the bone. Two cars speeding at that distance is inherently dangerous, you really are skating on thin ice. The likelihood is that someone is going to get hurt.

“If these people have serious collision or kill someone, they are going to prison.

“They might think they are just having a laugh, but they can’t see the future, they can’t see what’s coming around the corner, can’t see that person crossing the road.

“This is one of the main reasons Steerside exists, to reduce this attitude and type of behaviour. I have seen the effect of serious collisions first-hand, I have dealt with families, and it is devastating.”