A TEENAGE girl allegedly groped on her bed by a doctor pretending to be a GP from her surgery thought he was a “psychopath” who was going to kidnap her, a jury was told.

Fesal Hussain, 33, is accused of “forcing” an unauthorised home visit on the 16-year-old during which he allegedly took her to her bedroom alone and touched her indecently.

Hussain, of St Michael’s Road, White Abbey, Bradford, who was a locum at two medical practices in the city and worked at Bradford Royal Infirmary (BRI), denies two charges of sexually assaulting the teenager on July 8, 2015.

The jury in the trial heard yesterday that the girl had been feeling unwell and was concerned she was suffering excessive bleeding following her pregnancy four months earlier.

She had tried to make an appointment at the Carlton Medical Practice in Bradford, but was told that nothing was available for five days.

She went instead to the A&E department at BRI, where she was seen by a doctor and told everything was fine.

It is alleged that on the same day, she and her mother received two calls from a doctor, whom the prosecution claim was Hussain, offering a home visit.

The girl told the jury she had not needed or asked for one, but said that when the doctor rang for a second time he insisted and was “forcing it”.

She told police he asked her how old she was and whether anyone else would be at the house.

Following the visit, the jury heard the girl had told officers she thought the man was not a real doctor.

She said: “My first thought was ‘he’s going to kidnap me or something’.”

The girl said she also described the man as a “psychopath”, adding: “He’s still the same for me today.”

Sasha Wass QC, defending, asked the girl why she had not gone to the police straightaway if she thought the man was not a real doctor and had feared for her safety.

She replied: “Because he introduced himself as a real doctor and said he was working for Carlton Medical Practice.”

After speaking to a health visitor on July 14, who found no record of the home visit, the girl went to police two days later and was interviewed.

Ms Wass accused the girl of lying about the home visit, saying Hussain had been taken upstairs by her mother and had been surprised to see her rather than the elderly patient he was expecting.

She said: “He made it clear you were not a patient at the medical practice he worked at and he left after a very short time. Your mother was present throughout, and he didn’t examine you or perform any tests.”

The girl told the jury that Hussain had “massaged” her breasts and touched her indecently, to which Ms Wass said: “I am suggesting that is absolutely not true.”

The girl replied: “I am saying that it is true.”

Speaking to the jury, the girl’s mother said Hussain and her daughter had gone upstairs alone for about 15 minutes.

Asked what happened next, she said: “The doctor went straight outside, he didn’t say anything, he didn’t stop.”

She told the court: “She said he had examined her and looked at her breasts. She said he also looked down below as well, under her stomach.”

When Ms Wass asked her whether the girl had said she didn’t think Hussain was a real doctor, she said: “It didn’t even come into our mind.”

Ms Wass said it was the mother who had taken Hussain upstairs to her daughter’s bedroom and he had been surprised to see the girl, leaving soon after because of the “mix-up”.

She replied: “No, no, no.”

The court also heard that in 2012 the girl had made a complaint to the police that an Asian man had followed her home from school and touched her on the shoulder, neck, and chest, telling her she was “beautiful”.

The girl’s mother said the complaint was discontinued as the family did not wish to give any statements.

The trial continues.